Owls Hooting Not a Message of Bad Luck, It’s Bird’s Survival Skill

Owls have got different myths attached to them in the African culture as many tribes associate them with bad omens. Luo and the Luhya tribes believe that these birds are signs of bad omens and bad luck. Photo: Getty Images. Source: Getty Images PAY ATTENTION: Don’t miss trending Kenyan news. Follow TUKO.co.ke on Twitter! Seeing them around is believed to be signifying an upcoming death of a member of the family, a close relative, or an important public figure. They are believed to be spirit animals that reflect on someone’s life or reveal hidden secrets and situations.

Its believed that they should always be seen with a keen eye and should not be taken simply as they appear. Bad omen Kikuyus believe that they (owls) are messengers of the evil spirits or departed souls whose appearance signifies death and sickness in a homestead. “Owls are believed to be evil spirits or the spirits of departed souls. They foretell death or sickness of a family member whenever it hoots on top of the roof or near a homestead,” Joseph Mutongu, a Kikuyu elder, explained. On the other side, the Luo and the Luhya believe that these birds are signs of bad omens and bad luck. “They are birds who cause misfortunes and bad omen. Their appearance signifies death or serious diseases in a family,” Joseph Otieno a Luo elder explains. Owls as messengers Kalenjin tribes believe that they are messengers of wizards and sorcerers, and they are mainly used for witchcraft. Whenever they appear, they warn people of certain dangers ahead.

Some other Kalenjin tribes believe that they are messengers of God sent whenever God is angry with people on earth. Kiberenge Arap Lelgo, an old resident of Kericho county, told TUKO.co.ke that owls are believed in the Kalenjin sub-tribes that wizards are using them to exercise their magical powers on people. Witches, wizards, and sorcerers are believed that they disguise themselves as owls and fly, taking harm to people in society. However, some believe that they are the messengers of God who are sent to warn wrongdoers. “If an owl hoots on top of your roof at night, somebody will lose his or her life or will be subjected to a serious disease,” Lelgo explained. They believe to be shedding bloody tears. ” If there is a newborn in a family and it appears, then it signifies the death of the newborn, or a serious curse will accompany the kid,” he added.

If it appears when a mother is in labour pains, then it’s believed that she or the baby would likely die. According to Lelgo, owls have strong witchcraft powers. If it hoots near your livestock, then you will probably lose some of them. He added that their forefathers also believed that these birds were signs of bad luck. Lelgo further divulged that one was unlikely to succeed in some situations. If you would come across it when going for cattle raiding or war, then you would lose the battle, and many warriors would be killed. “If an owl appears ahead of you when going for war or cattle raiding, then it was a sign of bad luck. You would be defeated in the battle, and many fighters would be killed,” a 60-years-old grandmother explained. If it appeared to elders on their way to woe a girl, Leglo said, then they would probably not find the girl, or the girl could be the worst witch. They would make them go back home and plan for another day.