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0700 Hrs - 1900hrs.
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From Francistown, travel 170kilometres along the Maun road until you reach a veterinary fence with a communications tower nearby. From here, continue for another three kilometres and you will see the entrance on your left `{`about 20 kilometres before Nata`}`. The Sanctuary covers an area of 23km and includes the north eastern corner of Sowa Pan, the bordering grasslands and the lower course and mouth of the Nata river.

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Makgadikgadi Wetland ( 20°20′08.48″S 26°15′12.33″E)
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Does the sanctuary close during the winter?

In the dry season (May to October), it’s possible to visit the sanctuary but it’s at its best in the wet season when the sanctuary becomes a haven for Cape and Hottentot teals, white and pink-backed pelicans, and greater and lesser flamingos.

How far is Nata Village from the bird sanctuary?

The entrance to the sanctuary is 15km southeast of Nata.

What car should I use when visiting?

In the dry season (May to October), it’s possible to drive around the sanctuary in a 2WD with high clearance, though it’s best to enquire about the condition of the tracks before entering. During the rainy season, however, a 4WD is essential.

Am I allowed to bring food and drinks into the sanctuary ?